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When you need to know the value of the timber resource on a tract of land or have had trees cut on your property without your permission, Penn Forestry Company can help.


Timber value appraisals can range from a simple walk-through inspection when all you need is a “ballpark” estimate, to a complete woodland inventory or “cruise”, which will provide detailed information on the timber resource and a more exacting estimate of its monetary value.



Penn Forestry Co. can also help when your property has been trespassed upon and trees cut without your authorization. We can perform a timber trespass appraisal determining the volume and value of the trees cut or stolen.  If ligitation ensues from the trespass, Penn Forestry Co. can support you in court by providing expert witness testimony for your case.

Please call 800-327-4772 for details about our Woodland Appraisals.

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