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Biglerville, PA

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Penn Forestry Company, Inc.

Trust the experts that are backed by more than 50 years of experience.

Penn Forestry Company, Inc.

Woodland Management Services provided by Penn Forestry Company, Inc.:

* Timber Sales

* Forest Management/Forest Stewardship Plans

* Timber Value Appraisals

* Timber Trespass Appraisals & Expert Witness Testimony

* Timber Taxation & Estate Planning

* Timber/Woodland Inventory

* Timber Stand Improvement

* Wildlife & Recreational Planning


What Do Our Services Cost?


Some of our services such as appraisals, management plans, and pest control are “up-front costs”. However, they will yield dividends in the future because of wise long term management. When it comes to timber sales, our proven advertising strategies and experience will yield the best market prices for your timber. Generally, we work on a commission basis for timber sales administration. Daily and hourly rates are charged for other services. Call us for examples and references.


What You Can Expect From Penn Forestry

  • We will evaluate the conditions and potential of your woodland.

  • Help you establish both short and long term goals.

  • Market your timber and pulpwood for your maximum return.

  • A comprehensive contract for timber sales, which is tailored to your needs, and one that genuinely protects all your interests.

  • Our involvement in your project, from beginning to end, making sure it’s done right and keeping you informed.

  • Identify forest pests (e.g. damaging insects, invasive plants, etc.), and help you deal with them.

  • The wisdom and experience of a company that has kept up with market changes and trends in the wood product industry.

  • We have built relationships with many timber buyers who are familiar with our standards, contracts, and policies. And generally, we hold a performance bond to ensure that all work is completed to the satisfaction of our forester and the landowner.