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Forest Management & Stewardship Plans

For long term management of your woodland, a Forest Management Plan can be a great asset. These plans are prepared by us after consulting with a landowner about what their current and future “objectives” or “visions” are for their woods. Plans are generally prepared to cover a 10-15 year period and are updated thereafter as needed. Plans contain a “Schedule of Activities or Practices” that the landowner is to perform, and while plans are meant to be followed, they are not “cut in stone”. Think of a management plan as a “guide” to assist you in obtaining more enjoyment, benefits, income, and satisfaction from your woodland.


Also, some states have special forestry programs that private woodland owners can enroll in. These programs, provide a reduced property tax assessment on forestland if an owner has a management plan prepared and follows its recommendation. For many woodland owners, these reduced assessments can be sizable.

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